Pre-Application Walkthrough/Site Preparation

When we arrive, we will assess (along with your site manager) the areas that are of greatest concern. We will then walk the site to ensure proper coverage and efficient application. This process may include moving furniture and securing loose items.  We will formulate a plan to ensure a highly efficacious outcome.


“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Equipment Set-up and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

While our product is non-toxic and does not require the use of PPE, we take extra precautions for our Employees who install the product on a daily basis. Our Employees wear full face respirators and lab coats. It is not necessary to strictly avoid the area where PermaSafe is applied–our product is safe to breathe with occasional exposure per the Material Safety Date Sheet (MSDS).


Optional Deep-Cleaning

The efficacy of PermaSafe is dependent on how well it bonds to the substrate it’s applied to. Depending on location within the building, special attention may be necessary to remove visible dirt, grime, surface mold, oils, and previous cleaning residues on the surfaces to be treated.


What We Need From You

We will need one (1) 120v outlet for the equipment necessary for installation. Our equipment runs at 79db. We require the area to be unoccupied in the vicinity while we apply Step 1 and Step 2. Proper installation requires atomization of the product (fogging). The room will become filled with fog. Your space may then be occupied within minutes following our PermaSafe application. If you have opted out of our deep cleaning service, we will request that all surfaces be cleaned with a non-residue producing cleanser and that all metals such as stainless steel have oils removed with a proper solvent.

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