The COVID-19 global pandemic has left many business owners to question the best way forward, and more concerningly, question whether their business and the lives of their customers will ever be “normal” again. 

Without solid answers to give business owners peace-of-mind, questions arise on how to adapt in a new world where masks, gloves, and apprehension could be the new norm. One answer will come in the form of disinfecting and sanitizing processes and products as the term “anti-microbial” becomes a new household name.

Businesses, buildings, offices, restaurants, public transportation–anywhere people congregate and interact with each other will need to become more sterile, and more germ-free. These changes are critical to provide customers and employees added assurances and peace-of-mind. Peace-of-mind that begins with the surfaces touched on a daily basis. 

Wouldn’t your customers like to know that when they grab a widely used door handle–the microbes, bacteria, viruses, and more from those that had touched it previously were killed on actively mitigated? Wouldn’t it give them confidence to read a notice before they walk into an establishment that informed them your environment has been disinfected and treated with a permanent anti-microbial coating and is now an active virus and bacteria controlled facility? Absolutely. 

RX Surface Protection Solutions will provide that assurance.

Leave it to us to create a more sterile environment for your business. With our expertise, we will provide any business in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island with the proper installation of industry-leading disinfectants and anti-microbial protection.

Our proprietary installation techniques allow for our product to atomize and impregnate the hardest to reach areas to kill and protect against viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens, and odors. Permanently. When a customer or employee is in your facility, they can feel confident that all the necessary steps to keep them safe were taken. Utilizing our maintenance sprays, we will ensure your business remains an active killing facility. Our goal is to build confidence in these challenging times, and move us all toward a safer life in the future. One business at a time. 

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